Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Learning the Pawn Shop Culture

About 2 weeks before Christmas we become homeowners for the very first time! It was so exciting and we were looking forward to the downsizing and shedding some excess "weight".

Let me just say, in the process of going from 2800sqft down to a little more than 1000sqft we got rid of (sold in various places) almost an entire house worth of goods.

It was shear insanity!!!

Nevertheless, one of the places we used was a local pawn shop.

Before you say anything, just hear me out...

There are several pawn stores here in our area (like in most places) and what we did was take our electronic items and played shops against one another to make sure we got the best deal.

In the end we were able to get within an hour or so the price we were asking on Craigslist for the items.

My husband had never realized the culture which existed within the Pawn Shop world. It was eye opening for him.

If you are wanting to beef-up on your negotiating skills this is definitely an avenue to do it.

When you are needing to sell something quickly but you don't have the time to fuss with CL, this is definitely an option.

Keep in mind what your item is worth brand new and/or used in whatever condition the item is in so-as not to be bamboozled by the more "knowledgeable" pawn store employees.

This is just another frugal option and easy way to quickly get rid of something you no longer need and get cash for it all in one transaction!

Happy Pawning :)

-the centsable mom

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